Your key to the meat market

If you want to create abundance for yourself, create abundance for others.”

Forever Farming has grown from a company assisting farmers with expanding their markets and in turn their farms, to a major role player in the meat distribution and import/export market in South Africa.

If You Think Meat, Think Forever Farming

When, CEO Nicola Lubbe first started applying her considerable business and farming skills to help farmers develop markets for their produce, she soon identified the need to facilitate the process of procuring quality products to wholesalers and retailers.  Both farmers and buyers of their produce benefit from a reliable go-between who can ensure reasonable gain and effective, timely delivery on both ends of the supply chain.

Under Nicola’s guidance Forever Farming has become a key role player in the South African meat trade.  The company has agreements with various abattoirs countrywide as well as individual farmers to assist with the marketing and distribution of their meat products.

Forever Farming Specialises In:

  • Establishing new markets for our clients

  • Providing a seamless link between farmers, retailers and consumers

  • Taking care of all the logistics along the meat supply chain

  • Facilitating all aspects of meat import and export

Forever Farming has been instrumental in arranging off-take and supply agreements for major abattoirs, deboning plants, mega farmers, and suppliers to the meat markets.  We source from the farms and meat suppliers both local and abroad to service the demand for our meat markets.

Excellent service and good relationships are the cornerstones of Forever Farming’s success.

We are listed vendors with all modern trade retailers’ Meat Markets such as Shoprite, Checkers, Food Lovers Market, MassCash etc, and large wholesalers, distributors, catering companies, food services markets and specialised restaurants and butcheries.

Nicola believes the meat trade is based on trust and respect and you need to be diligent and reliable if you want lasting results.

Since last year, Forever Farming has started and International Trade Division, Forever Farming International, who specialise in exporting from SADC Countries to the Far Eastern markets and to source import products to fill up on product lines that are in short supply.

“My personal interest is farming and I want to make a difference and an impact in the agricultural industry of South Africa and Africa. I have a passion to help other people in improving their business and their skills development. I accomplish this by sharing my skills and capabilities with them and in doing so, grow their business. I strive to make an impact that will remain beyond my lifespan.” – Nicola Lubbe, CEO

Potchefstroom, South Africa
Cell: +27 76 4811 474

Fax: 086 617 3168


Consistency is also key to the service and products the company provide.