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Forever Farming focuses on the local meat market with an eye on the bigger picture. ​We provide the balance between local supply/demand and the import/export markets.

The problem that most farmers experience is that they are farming with commodities and have very little or no influence on the actual price of the product they are producing.

But what if you can change all of that?

What if you can have access to resources that will help you break out of this commoditised market and help you to present an uncommon offering, helping you to be different.

Imagine how life would be if you have a team of people whose only concern is, to help get you farming, and farming more – doing what you love and love what you are doing?

Most farmers do what they love doing, they farm. That is what they are good at and that is what they want to do. They want to farm. The problem is though, that in the competitive agricultural market of today, it is not enough. The mega farmers of the future, the successful farmers of the future, will be the farmers that have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and are dare to be different.

The good news is that you are not alone. You don’t have to do this all by yourself.

There is a company whose only focus and concern is to help you to be different, to help you to grow. To help you to do what you love doing, while they work hard to help you. Forever Farming is taking this task off your hands. Not only will we help you with new product development or new market development, but we will also ensure that the product is sold to its full capacity, generating a consistent income stream for you whilst building a brand and positive goodwill for your farm.

The most daunting task for any farmer is gaining new markets for his existing product and developing new value added products in new and unknown markets.

No farmer wants to unnecessarily put on a suit and drive to town to negotiate with corporate retailers and wholesalers to get his product on their shelves and then have the task of having to manage the daily sales and marketing challenges.

Simply, we will help you get beyond farming, so you can focus on farming. We will negotiate and work with retailers, wholesalers and markets up front, long before the product is launched or the expansion is made, to get their input and commitment for your intended expansion.

​We will develop the product expansion with their input and requirements, ensuring that it complies with all legislative and health requirements as well as market preference.

We will then facilitate the complete project development with you and oversee the turn-key implementation of the project, from initiation all the way up to managing the daily sales orders, administration and supply chain management.

Forever Farming is the exclusive agent in Gauteng, KZN and the Free State for Winelands Pork, a ZA approved abattoir and deboning plant in the Western Cape that slaughters an average of 1300 carcasses a day. Carcasses, as well as a wide selection of frozen deboned primal cuts from the deboning plant, are delivered daily to various wholesalers.

Forever Farming is also a strategic partner for Bilatye Piggery, a 1 000 sow unit piggery that is in the progress of being built in the Bilatye area, Eastern Cape. We have already secured off-takes for the production from this piggery, in advance.

The team behind Forever Farming understands

South Africa is fast becoming a trading hub and not just a producing country. Role players in the agricultural sector need to adapt to and take advantage of new opportunities.  In recent times the severe drought in South Africa has had a negative impact on meat supply. Pork production suffered and caused a strain on the market. The drought also affected beef and lamb prices. When certain cuts of meat are in short supply, Forever Farming helps to source those scarce products.

Forever Farming has agreements with different suppliers to service diverse market segments

Certain meat products such as pork cuts, chicken pieces and various beef primal cuts are imported from America and Germany to supply the growing demand for affordable protein in South Africa.

Forever Farming is in an excellent position to access international markets 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to support local farmers, certain products are just not available, and sometimes even if available, not at the right price. This has lead Forever Farming to explore the import markets to provide products suitable for South African consumers.

Overseas clients have approached Forever Farming and the company is now also involved in procuring meat in Southern Africa, including countries such as Botswana and Namibia, for markets as far afield as Vietnam.

More international requests followed and Forever Farming has facilitated meat exports for clients in the Far East and China as well as African countries such as Angola, Mozambique and the DRC.

Forever Farming’s team of experts and independent contractors lead by Nicola Lubbe have extensive knowledge of farming as well as marketing and logistics.

Nicola believes the meat trade is based on trust and respect and you need to be diligent and reliable if you want lasting results. Excellent service and good relationships are the cornerstones of Forever Farming’s success. Consistency is also key to the service and products the company provide.  Nicola has previously farmed with cattle and game and she understands the passion and dedication it takes to prosper as a farmer. Being able to identify with both farmers and retailers as well as clients at the end of the supply chain gives her an edge.    As a woman in a traditionally male sector, Nicola uses her strengths to her advantage. She believes women are brilliant with organising and being meticulous. Having a firm grasp on the logistics involved in the transport and distribution of meat products is just one of the secrets to her success.

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